npy19 您专属得午夜

npy19 您专属得午夜

npy19 您专属得午夜

day, just before he and the Earmuffs caught me up on eighth floor," Orison said. "He's no Texan, that one. A Junker, maybe. I'm afraid I don't much care for your brother, Dink." "To be my elder brother is Kraft's sp

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ecial misfortune," Dink said. "I understand he was quite loveable as a boy. Here's our transportation." The car was a Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, sple

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ndidly conspicuous beside the curb of the Windsor Arms, reducing that nobly-named establishment by contrast to more democratic proportions. The ubiqui



tous Mr. Wanji, liveried in a uniform nearly as ornate as the one Orison had visuali


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zed for Dink, only his earmuffs clashing with the magnificence of his costume, spran

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g from the driver's seat, raced around the limousine and stood at attention holding

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the door for Orison and her escort. The front door of the Rolls was marked, she obse

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rved, with a gold device of three coronets. At the center of the triangle they formed was the single letter "D." The Rolls negotiated the city streets with the dignity of the Queen Elizabeth entering a minor harbor. "I thought you bankers aspired to


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the common touch," Orison remarked. "I expected you to come for me in a taxi, or perhaps a year-old Ford you drove yourself." "Wanji is a better driver than I. So I have him driv

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